About Me

I grew up just north of New York’s scenic Adirondack Mountains and spent a lot of time interacting with nature. I always loved being outside and being active, but it wasn’t until college that I began to examine my relationship with the outdoors on a deeper level. I studied both environmental science and psychology at Colby, and while I very much enjoyed my time out in the field identifying coral samples or under the microscope looking at aquatic invertebrates, I have always been most fascinated by how people interact with the environments; what we gain from nature, why we love nature, and how and if we choose to protect it. Additionally, I have always been fascinated by the brain!

I am proud to have worked for the Keystone Science School, an educational nonprofit that teaches environmental science to children an educators, in between undergraduate and graduate school; as well as the Green Mountain Club, where I spent time as a summit steward on the Long Trail.


Lastly, I enjoy being outside quite a bit. Living in Utah gives me the opportunity to enjoy world class hiking/trail running, skiing, biking, and rock climbing. I also enjoy cooking vegetarian meals, taking my dog for a walk or run, listening to podcasts, and reading.