About Me

I grew up just north of New York’s scenic Adirondack Mountains and spent a lot of time interacting with nature. I studied both environmental science and psychology in my undergrad, and while I very much enjoyed my time out in the field identifying coral samples or under the microscope looking at aquatic invertebrates, I have always been most fascinated by how people interact with the environments; what we gain from nature, why we love nature, and how and if we choose to protect it. Additionally, I have always been fascinated by the brain! Therefore, I pursued and completed my PhD in Dr. Dave Strayer’s Applied Cognition Lab (ACL) at the University of Utah. Over my five years in the ACL, we became some of the first to record event-related brain potentials outside in nature, providing preliminary evidence of restored attentional resources in nature.

Before my PhD, I am proud to have worked for the Keystone Science School, an educational nonprofit that teaches environmental science to children and educators, as well as the Green Mountain Club, where I spent time as a summit steward on the Long Trail.


Outside-of-work hobbies include: hiking/trail running, skiing, biking, and rock climbing. I also enjoy cooking, taking my dog for a walk or run, listening to podcasts, and reading.